Working at a Really Boring Job

So I have a really boring job and I have been doing everything I can to figure out how to kill time without the IT guy busting me. Right now I am playing a bunch of flash games on this site I found. It is called air plane games 365TYPE dot com. I was just wasting time looking for a specific game when I searched for it, this old flight controller game that I used to play after school when I was in the 6th and 7th grade. I could not remember what it was called and I never had found out where it was, but of course that was not my primary object at any rate. I was looking for a game or something that I could do while I was sitting at my desk. I just do not have near enough work to keep me busy for the 8 hours per day that I have to sit behind the desk at this office.

That is the job in essence, you are sitting around on the night watch waiting for a phone call. Some nights you might only get a couple of calls and other nights you may stay relatively busy. I like it better when I have some work to do, because I sort of feel like I am taking something I did not earn on some nights. I will literally go in this place and do absolutely nothing one one or two nights per week. If it is not literally nothing, then it is just about nothing. Either of them is just as bad in my opinion and so the job because tedious to excess. You just have to find some way to fill up all of the dead time. Of course I am up there all alone for hours.

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