The Holy Grail of Cable Television

Sometimes I wish I could go back to my cable company. I enjoy being a loyal customer, something that is strange to hear someone say, but it's a truth of fact. I love it when I can find a company that is just so great that they make want to stay with them. I've yet to find that cable company but I think I have found something close in Dish Network might be able to provide me with the television experience that I've been looking for and while that's great, I am bummed out that they haven't been able to give me the Internet experience I'm looking for.

That might be for the best. It seems like a good idea to keep the Internet and Cable separated. I sure get a lot of my content from the web which is in competition with cable content. I've been waiting for cable providers to change the way they offer their subscription packages for years now as it seems like an inevitable transition that needs to happen for them to stay relevant in any meaningful way. Otherwise they're going to fall to the side as new competition steps in to give the customer what they have always wanted: tailored packages.

I would pay decent money just to have access to something like that. You mean I can pick and choose what channels that I want to pay for? You mean I don't have to pay for all this bloated content that I'll never bother watching and that which just makes me have to scroll through channel after channel of things I'm not interested in. Oh, how wonderful! That's the holy grail of cable if you were to ask me but nobody seems brave enough to provide it to us as of yet.

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New Methods of Paying for Cable

After moving to New York I was quick to snag Direct TV for the Bronx thanks to my general dislike of Comcast and Time Warner. I don't mind having a satellite dish unlike some of my friends who are entirely too picky about stuff like that. They said ti would make their home look ugly but since I am living in an apartment I don't think it's really a big deal to have a dish sticking outside of my window - heck, I think it's kind of cool to have my own satellite but that's just me being weird, I guess!

I like to think that satellite cable television is going to be just as great as digital cable without the burden of having to give money to a company whose ethics I find to be questionable at best. They are doing everything they can to disrupt the Internet to favor their needs which is pretty greedy if you were to ask me. I think they are actually afraid of the Internet due to the types of entertainment services that are cropping up on it, services that are offering a new type of viewing and consuming media and offering their customers flexible payment plans.

See, what I want to be able to do is just pay for a show or a channel. I don't think it's necessary these days to have to pay for entire packages. Why not just give us the option to make our own packages where we pay so much for each channel? It's kind of silly to force consumers into buying multiple packages just for a couple of channels that they may want to watch - in fact it's down right shady if you ask me. We deserve better treatment and there are better ways to make money!

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Everyone Should Have the Same Choices That I Do

While growing up, I can remember my dad struggling to pay for our electricity bill each month. We lived in an old house that was not well insulated, and we could not afford to have someone come out and fix the place up so that cold and hot air didn't escape so easily. I remember times when it was 100 degrees out, and without the ability to pay the very high prices that our city utility company offered, we simply had to go without electricity. But times have changed in our state, and we now have the power to choose our electricity provider.

What happened is that the market for energy has been deregulated, which is good for everyone in that state. In the past, our only choice was to get our much-needed electricity through the city itself. This meant that they were allowed to charge us whatever they wanted. It was very common to hear about friends and family struggling with the high cost of their monthly electric bills through their local city power company, too.

Now that we have so many more choices, I am able to call quite a number of different companies and compare costs. You would think they all have the same prices, but they don't. The prices do vary. My dad now pays about $150 less than he used to when he was forced to purchase from the city. And in my old, drafty house, I now save an extra $200 per month on my power bill now, too. I really think that all Americans should have the freedom to choose as well, but it's my understanding that is not the case in much of the country. We are very lucky then.

Dad uses his extra money that he saves to buy better food every month. In fact, he is eating better and healthier than he has in years as a result. I am putting my savings away, and I'm watching it grow over time.

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