My Strategy for Eating Better and Weight Loss

Your diet is important, not the diet you might currently be on. You should change from thinking about changing what you eat for the short term to fit into a dress or swimsuit to changing what and how you eat permanently. Think back to what you ate as a kid. Was it everything you eat now? Probably not. Your tastes change over time and your diet adapts to suit it. However, we often make the wrong choices of what to eat. I was looking at to get some ideas for healthier eating and exercise. I was not going to take the radical approach of changing everything overnight.

My first change was to start exercising. I needed to get out walking to get me going again on a daily basis and walking was easy to get started. Then my goal was to cut back on stuff I was already eating. The next goal was to introduce some more healthier foods. The last step was to start to not eat some of the things that were bad for me. My approach was to do it slowly over time. This is a total lifestyle change. If you go cold turkey on favorites, then you will probably fail. Over the next year I lost a whole lot of weight all the while learning about better nutrition for my body. Incorporating what I learned to fit with my lifestyle took time. No quick moves to put my body into rejecting the changes. I tricked it into getting healthy over time. Did you know that eating better foods will have your body crave them because of the nutrients? I just needed to reintroduce my body to fresh fruits and vegetables and less junk. Salty and sweet are preferred tastes for your tongue, and fat is a craving. However, you can get your body to crave things such as apples too. It just takes time.

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