All Part of a Grand Design

In less than a week, my t-shirt line will be launching at every major clothing store and I’ll see how well they will do. I have a background as an artist, and I always thought it would be cool to have my designs on clothing. With the help of a friend, I started the t-shirt business and sold my designs at a small local store. The sales from the shirts helped me expand and even hire the Big 3 Singapore company to produce a video showing off the shirts. If the success of the shirts surpasses the success I had in the small store, I will be pleased.

I’ve already begun thinking about the future in the case that the shirts are a success. I want to try making more clothing designs. Most people focus on designs on shirts and sometimes shoes, but I think pants are a largely ignored market. People mostly wear pants without anything on them, or wear ones that have rips and tears strategically made in places. There is a lot of room on a pair of pants for a good design, and even a pair of shorts could have something really cool wrapped across the front and back of it.

I also have some ideas for a winter line of clothing. Long sleeves shirts and hoodies are a standard idea, but there’s also thicker coats, scarves, and hats to think about. I could probably even find some way to fit a design on a pair of earmuffs or mittens. It would be nice to have a knit pattern rather than something printed for winter wear like hats and mittens. There is so much versatility in what can be done with designs and winter wear. In order to meet demands for a winter line, I would have to ramp up production.

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