Colocsty, Home to Colourful Local Clothing

London-based fashion and beauty retailer Colocsty is finally offering its various vividly colored and beautifully crafted style inspired by Brazil online.

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(PRWEB UK) 4 June 2014

Standing for Colorful (CO), Local (LOC), and Style (STY), Colocsty takes Brazilian elements and translates them into fabrics and prints in clothing. We are proud to announce that it has recently launched its online shop last May 21, 2014.

The Brief History of Colocsty

Founder Zarihoun Traore launched Colocsty in London last September 2013 right after his trip to Brazil that same year. Brazil is known for its tropical climate, the beaches, the floral and fauna, and the kaleidoscope of colorsqualities that are quite lacking in London where Zarihoun lived for over five years. Zarihoun was deeply inspired by the creative energy in all of Brazil to create the brand.

The Process of Colocsty

Zarihoun has always been very passionate about fashion. He decided to spend three months in Brazil to work with the locals for Colocstys collection. He explored and researched on Brazils local style while handpicking unique and colorful fabrics and pieces that will attract his target market in London.

The Aesthetic of Colocsty

The world has come far from the presupposed notion that Brazilian clothing is equivalent to beach fashion. While beach is still a significant source of inspiration, more and more factors of Brazilian culture are being recognized. There are samba dancers, there are carnivals, and there are trailer cars.

Colocsty makes sure that its collection of swimwear and beachwear, dresses, tops, shorts, skirts, and accessories are not only inspired by Brazils beaches but also by the culture and the vibe of Brazil itself.

Colocstys huge range of day-to-day wear is full of color and texture. Even the cleaner and more classic silhouettes are matched with prints and patterns to express sophistication that is blended with a youthful energy. There is a certain charm in each piece with its bold charisma that London may find rare but appealing. Truly, Colocsty has added a colorful new dimension to London which the company is looking forward to develop. Moreover, for the taste of authenticity and quality, most of Colocstys clothes were produced in Brazil.

The Vision of Colocsty

Colocsty is a visionary company that aims to bring unique and colorful fashion from around the world to the rest of the world and, eventually, to womens wardrobes. Colocsty oozes passion and individualism, and spreads these qualities by becoming a medium for women to express their inner beauty and who they are without being a slave to fashion trends.

By launching their online venture, Colocsty is now able to cater and show off their creations to more people who share and understand what the brand is all aboutcolorful, revolutionary, stylish, and supportive of local but thinks about global.

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