Everyone Should Have the Same Choices That I Do

While growing up, I can remember my dad struggling to pay for our electricity bill each month. We lived in an old house that was not well insulated, and we could not afford to have someone come out and fix the place up so that cold and hot air didn’t escape so easily. I remember times when it was 100 degrees out, and without the ability to pay the very high prices that our city utility company offered, we simply had to go without electricity. But times have changed in our state, and we now have the power to choose our electricity provider.

What happened is that the market for energy has been deregulated, which is good for everyone in that state. In the past, our only choice was to get our much-needed electricity through the city itself. This meant that they were allowed to charge us whatever they wanted. It was very common to hear about friends and family struggling with the high cost of their monthly electric bills through their local city power company, too.

Now that we have so many more choices, I am able to call quite a number of different companies and compare costs. You would think they all have the same prices, but they don’t. The prices do vary. My dad now pays about $150 less than he used to when he was forced to purchase from the city. And in my old, drafty house, I now save an extra $200 per month on my power bill now, too. I really think that all Americans should have the freedom to choose as well, but it’s my understanding that is not the case in much of the country. We are very lucky then.

Dad uses his extra money that he saves to buy better food every month. In fact, he is eating better and healthier than he has in years as a result. I am putting my savings away, and I’m watching it grow over time.

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