rules 1st or second?

  1. Is the first rule made or second made rule count first

    Answer by Claire
    What? Try asking questions that make a little more sense….

  2. This is for Java Programming so i need three separate steps.
    I need equations that will convert 36671 seconds into 10 hours 11 minutes and 11 seconds
    Ive got the 10 hours one (that was easy) but how would I figure out the remainder is 11 minutes and then another equation to find the remaining 11 seconds.

    Answer by Hardy
    There is 60 seconds in 1 minute. so 11 minutes = 660 seconds. 10 hours = 660 minutes X 60 = 36,000 seconds. 36,000 + 660 = 36,660 leaving 11 seconds.

  3. Is Teen Second life exactly like Second life? Are there the same features? Different features? Explain.On Teen second life can u use star warss lightsabers?

    Answer by Dan
    Hello yes Teen Second Life is exactly like Second Life but Teen Second Life is an much smaller scale then the Adult Second Life as there are fewer attractions etc and less money then the Adult Second Life. However Teen Life and Adult Life share the same features.

    And yes you can use a star wars lightsaber you can get that east of the welcoming area where there are loads of freebies.

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