Should I rescue this Maltese?

  1. We have two rescued dogs, a Border Collie and a Pomeranian. We also have a rescued dog-friendly cat. (He actually plays with the dogs!)
    The Pom is VERY possessive of me, and I spoil her more than I should, because she was so close to death when we found her. :-( She growls and snaps at the other dog if he gets too close to me on the bed. She follows me around constantly, sleeps with me, etc. I pay tons of attention to the big dog, too.

    A woman I know bought a Maltese from a pet store as a puppy, but has never trained him. So now she has a half grown Maltese who is not housetrained and doesnt know any of the basics. She is getting “rid” of him, one way or another, but the weekend. I asked her to bring him to a Maltese rescue, but she said they wanted money to surrender her dog, and she disagreed with this. The No Kill shelters have a waiting list.

    So, I was thinking about taking him, but I think my Pom will have a tantrum like we have never seen before. I would probably not ke
    I would probably not keep him, just get him fixed, vetted and trained and then find him a good home. But I am worried that my Pom might completely regress. Any suggestions?

    Answer by Bambi
    where do you live…my daughter wants a maltese and we have a very dog friendly home…i would take it if i could…i have been researching this dog for some time now.

  2. I am 16 & ant a Chihuahua rescue when I am 18. What do you have to do to get started? I live in Mi

    Answer by Bonsylar
    Well first, win the lottery.

    This takes an amazing amount of money.

    Right now, start voluteering at a shelter near you. You will learn a lot and get some great contacts.

    Be a foster home for some Chis. That will also teach you a lot.

    Good luck to you.

  3. Im looking to buy my first horse and my instructor said it would be best to buy from a rescue but I cant seem to find the right one. Any suggestions? Ive also been to all the other horse sites, horsetopia, horseclicks,, ect… I just need to know Horse Rescues in Illinois that are selling horses. Thanks to anyone who has anything to suggest!!

    Answer by katy burnell
    Rescued Horses are generally not good first horses I have no idea why your trainer told you that.

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    Rescue horses can cost a lot more money becuase generally they need to put on more weight, and will need more farrier and vet care. When buying a rescue horse unless its allready back into good health, its whole personality can change. My rescue filly was lethargic and a dead head when i rescued her, now that she is healthy she is spunky and a totaly different horse.

    Rescues Can have a lot of trust issues becuase of the neglect, as well as if they were physically abused.

    Ive dealt with many rescues over the past 3 years and i wouldnt recomend them to any of as a first horse. Also keep in mind that a rescue horse will most likly not have the training required for a first horse.

    Now im not saying that you cant find a rescue that is really well trained, and is now in good health, but the likly hood of it isnt very good. There is a reason most rescue are cheap, becuase the buyer will have to put a lot of money into it after they buy it.

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