Some Idiot Crashed into Me at a Light

I just got back from the hospital today, they put my leg in a cast and I am supposed to kept it elevated most of the time. They wanted me to use a wheel chair with the left leg rest raised so that my knee is close to the level of my chest. I just told them to give me some crutches and I would manage things without a wheel chair. When I got home I looked around at different sites like and other personal injury attorneys in Toronto. I might just sue the guy who ran the light. He was driving a really nice Mercedes Benz, the big ones which I think are called the 500 series or that is what they used to call them. I just think for sure that idiot was on his phone texting or some sort of idiocy. He definitely was not looking at the traffic light. It is not as though I am all that big on people who sue other people, but in this particular case I am thinking of it as just being spite. I am sure that my car will get fixed and my doctor bills are not going to be an enormous concern to me, none of it is all that serious over the long term. The leg is going to heal up and I will be back on my feet in very little time. What grates me is that this guy was not apparently the least bit concerned about my welfare. He did not think to ask me how I was doing at all and just stared at his shiny new Mercedes as though it were some terrible tragedy. Of course I just look at my cars as a means of getting from one place to another, so maybe I would be emotionally attached to a car like that.

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