The Holy Grail of Cable Television

Sometimes I wish I could go back to my cable company. I enjoy being a loyal customer, something that is strange to hear someone say, but it’s a truth of fact. I love it when I can find a company that is just so great that they make want to stay with them. I’ve yet to find that cable company but I think I have found something close in Dish Network might be able to provide me with the television experience that I’ve been looking for and while that’s great, I am bummed out that they haven’t been able to give me the Internet experience I’m looking for.

That might be for the best. It seems like a good idea to keep the Internet and Cable separated. I sure get a lot of my content from the web which is in competition with cable content. I’ve been waiting for cable providers to change the way they offer their subscription packages for years now as it seems like an inevitable transition that needs to happen for them to stay relevant in any meaningful way. Otherwise they’re going to fall to the side as new competition steps in to give the customer what they have always wanted: tailored packages.

I would pay decent money just to have access to something like that. You mean I can pick and choose what channels that I want to pay for? You mean I don’t have to pay for all this bloated content that I’ll never bother watching and that which just makes me have to scroll through channel after channel of things I’m not interested in. Oh, how wonderful! That’s the holy grail of cable if you were to ask me but nobody seems brave enough to provide it to us as of yet.

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