Uk: is coronation street good?

  1. I am a 17 year old american soap lover. The soaps here are being killed slowly by horrible writing and unbelievable cast changes. I saw the episode when steve married becky…the wedding when he gets arrested. Oh and i read the wiki of sarah louise pratt…Britains own starr manning lol. I already adore eastenders with a passion. Would corrie be as good?oh and what is a tram crash?

    Answer by Sen
    It depends on your tastes I prefer Eastenders over Coronation street, the tram crash was when a tram (like and electric train) came down from a track onto the street because of an explosion in a bar underneath

  2. has anyone got a quick but tasty coronation chicken recipe icanmakefor a party im having sat?

    Answer by I wonder

    6 chicken breast halves, cooked and cubed
    2 tbsp. olive oil
    1 sm. onion, chopped
    1 tbsp. curry powder
    1/2 c. chicken stock
    1 tsp. tomato paste
    Juice of 1/2 a lemon
    2 tbsp. apricot jam
    1 c. mayonnaise
    3 tbsp. heavy cream

    Heat oil in a saucepan. Add the onion. Cover and fry gently for 5 minutes until the onion is soft. Stir in curry powder and cook for a further 2 minutes to bring out the flavor. Stir in the stock, tomato paste, lemon juice, and jam. Stir until boiling; continue cooking until mixture thickens. Allow to cool slightly and then add mayonnaise and cream. Arrange chicken pieces in a serving dish and spoon the sauce over. Serve immediately over hot, cooked rice.
    Serves 6.


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    Cold, cooked chicken breast, carved in thin slices
    1 tbsp. olive oil
    2 onions, finely chopped
    1 tsp. curry powder
    1 tsp. tomato puree
    2 glasses red wine
    2 slices lemon
    1 1/2 tbsp. apricot puree or jam
    3/4 pt. mayonnaise
    3 tbsp. lightly whipped cream
    1 bay leaf
    Salt, pepper, sugar

    Heat oil, add onion and cook 5 minutes. Add curry powder, the tomato puree, wine and bay leaf. Bring to a boil. Add salt and pepper to taste, a pinch of sugar, and lemon slices. Simmer uncovered 10 minutes. Strain and cool. Alternately add mayonnaise and apricot puree. Finish with whipped cream. About 1 hour before serving, spoon sauce over chicken. Garnish with cantaloupe or grapes. Serves 4.


    Serves 6.

    2 (2 1/2 lb.) chickens
    2 oz. butter

    For the curry mayonnaise:

    1 tbsp. olive oil
    1 sm. onion, peeled & chopped
    1 level tbsp. curry powder
    1/4 pt. (5 oz.) stock (use water & 1/4 stock cube)
    1 rounded tsp. tomato puree
    Juice of 1/2 lemon
    2 rounded tbsp. gooseberry or apricot jam, or sweet chutney
    1/2 pt. (10 oz.) mayonnaise
    3 tbsp. single cream (Half & Half or whipping cream, makes no difference)

    Wipe the chickens and place a little of the butter inside each. Spread birds with remaining butter, cover with a buttered paper and place together in a roasting tin. Set in the center of a hot oven and roast for 25 minutes per pound. Remove from heat and cool.
    Meanwhile, prepare the sauce. Heat the oil in a saucepan, add the onion, cover and fry very gently for 5 minutes until soft. Stir in the curry powder and cook for a further few minutes to bring out the flavor. Stir in the stock, puree, strained lemon juice and jam or chutney. Stir until boiling, then simmer for 5 minutes. Draw off the heat and strain the sauce into a basin. Allow to cool, then stir in the mayonnaise and cream.

    Remove the flesh from the chickens and arrange in a serving dish in chunky pieces. Spoon over the curry mayonnaise and serve with plain boiled rise tossed in French dressing, or with Spanish rice salad.

    (This is an English recipe so measurements are Imperial. I have given the amount in ounces. I use chicken breasts instead of whole chickens.)


    5 or 6 chicken breasts – med. size
    1 tbsp. olive oil
    1 sm. onion, peeled and chopped
    1 tbsp. curry powder (use this to taste)
    1/2 c. chicken stock
    1 rounded tsp. tomato puree
    Juice of 1/2 lemon or tbsp. of lemon concentrate
    2 rounded tbsp. of apricot jam or sweet chutney
    1 c. mayonnaise
    3 tbsp. light cream

    Put chicken in a pan with a little water on bottom and roast in oven covered with tin foil until tender and cooked.


    Heat oil, add onion, and fry until soft. Stir in curry and cook a few minutes only. Then stir in all ingredients, except cream and mayonnaise, and bring to a boil and simmer for 5 minutes. Thoroughly cool sauce and only then put in cream and mayonnaise and

  3. Heyy 😀

    So this is for a story. Its fantasy, but the country has elements from various cultures. Id like this coronation to be sort of old-English-esque – like Tudors or something 😀 Im not relying totally on Yahoo Answers for this – Im gonna post this question and then hit the books ^.^

    What Im after is basic information on coronations, preferably based on an old English era – like I said, Tudors come to mind, but anything works. Basically, if you could point me in the right direction as to…
    – Who performs the coronation
    – What kind of oaths are sworn
    – Who would attend a coronation
    – Anything else that would be good to know.

    Thanks :) Ill check back in about an hour or so!

    Answer by Will
    While generally I frown on Wikipedia, they actually have a very good article on the British coronation which answers all of your questions. Please check it out.

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