What is the Value of Twitter

Twitter is something of an enigma amongst investors. The simplicity of its design with only a marginal platform capable of providing actual marketable data seemingly has a limited value but with hundreds of millions of users Tweeting upwards to 500 million Tweets every single day and 200 billion Tweets every year, the content that it’s capable of producing cannot be understated. Too, it has become the go to source for quick and easy engagement with social icons and their followers. It provides an easily accessible platform without the restrictions of Facebook. It’s possible to buy cheap Twitter followers for those who are seeking to leverage the platform for their own marketing ends – what other reason could there be for someone to want to buy Twitter followers? Out of all the popular social platforms that allow users to generate a livable income, it’s Twitter whose numbers are least valued. This is because of the sheer simplicity and the lack of a filter preventing individuals from connecting with one another.

Whereas Facebook and Instagram have more strict follower guidelines, with Facebook requiring there to be a specific degree of separation between requester and requestee, Twitter allows anyone to freely connect with one another. It’s my personal favorite of the social media platforms if only for the ease of access hashtagging allows user to quickly form connected communities without the reliance of separate community pages. It’s flexible and in real time, never forcing the user to have to shift aware from their feed if they don’t desire to. One great example that stands out in my mind is the Eve Online community; the space themed MMO has a strong showing on Twitter with thousands of users utilizing it as their primary source of external communication separate from the game. Investors still scratch their heads at the supposed value of Twitter.

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